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CS2 Float: How Does CS2 Float Work

In the world of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), skins play a significant role in enhancing the gaming experience and allowing players to express their individuality. These cosmetic items not only add a personalized touch to weapons but also serve as a form of digital currency within the community. One crucial aspect that determines the value and appearance of CS2 skins is the float value. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the mechanics of CS2 float and explore its importance in the game.

What is CS2 Float?

CS2 float, also known as wear or float value, is a parameter that defines the condition and appearance of a skin. It is a numerical value ranging from 0 to 1, with lower values indicating a better condition and often a more visually appealing skin. The float value determines which wear category the skin belongs to, such as Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field Tested, Well-Worn, or Battle-Scarred.

The concept of float value was introduced with the Arms Deal Update in 2013, which revolutionized the CS:GO community by introducing a wide range of skins and establishing the Steam Workshop. Since then, float value has become an integral part of skin trading, collecting, and customization.

How Does CS2 Float Work?

When a skin is created or obtained in CS2, it is assigned a random float value between 0 and 1. This float value determines the skin’s wear category and influences its overall appearance. Each wear category has its own float range, with Factory New skins having the lowest float values and Battle-Scarred skins having the highest.

The float value remains constant throughout the lifespan of a skin and cannot be manipulated or changed by any in-game actions. Using a skin in gameplay or applying stickers does not affect its float value. It is a fixed attribute that defines the skin’s condition.

CS2 Float Value List

Possible Float Values

CS2 skins come in five different wear levels, each representing a specific range of float values and determining the visual condition of the skin. Let’s explore each wear level and understand how it affects the appearance and desirability of a skin:

Skin WearFloat Value
Factory New0.00 – 0.07
Minimal Wear0.07 – 0.15
Field Tested0.15 – 0.37
Well-Worn0.37 – 0.44
Battle Scarred0.44 – 1.00
List of CS2 Float values

Factory New (FN)

Factory New skins have the lowest float values, ranging from 0 to 0.07. These skins exhibit a pristine and flawless appearance, resembling brand new weapons straight from the factory. They are highly sought after for their impeccable condition and are considered the most visually appealing. If you’d like to get yourself one of these, you should have a look at out list of top 5 best CS2 trading sites out there.

Factory New CS2 Float

Minimal Wear (MW)

The Minimal Wear wear level encompasses float values between 0.07 and 0.15. Skins in this category display minor signs of wear and usage, such as slight scratches or blemishes. Despite the minimal wear, these skins maintain a relatively clean and appealing look, making them popular among players.

Minimal Wear CS2 Float

Field Tested (FT)

Field Tested skins fall within the float value range of 0.15 to 0.37. They exhibit more noticeable wear and tear, with visible scratches, scuffs, and signs of usage. While not as visually pristine as Factory New or Minimal Wear skins, Field Tested skins still retain a decent appearance and are often more affordable.

Field Tested CS2 Float

Well-Worn (WW)

Well-Worn skins have float values ranging from 0.37 to 0.45. These skins showcase significant wear and tear, with prominent scratches, faded colors, and a weathered overall appearance. While they may not be as visually appealing as the previous wear levels, Well-Worn skins can still be desirable for players on a budget or those seeking a more rugged aesthetic.

Well-Worn CS2 Float

Battle-Scarred (BS)

Battle-Scarred skins have the highest float values, starting from 0.45 and going up to 1. These skins depict extensive wear, with deep scratches, faded colors, and a heavily worn-out look. Despite their worn condition, some Battle-Scarred skins can hold value due to their rarity or unique patterns.

Battle Scarred CS2 Float

The Importance of CS2 Float Values

CS2 float values are of crucial importance to both collectors and traders within the community. The float value directly affects the desirability and pricing of skins, as lower float values generally indicate better condition and higher value. Collectors often aim for Factory New or Minimal Wear skins, considering them more visually appealing and valuable.

Traders use float values, combined with pattern IDs, as a key factor in determining the market price of skins. Skins with lower float values are often priced higher due to their better condition, while skins with higher float values may be more affordable but may not hold the same aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, CS2 float values allow players to differentiate between skins within the same wear level. Skins with lower float values within a wear category are generally considered more desirable and can command higher prices in the trading market.

Checking CS2 Float Values

To check the float value of a CS2 skin, players can inspect the skin in their inventory. By right-clicking on the skin and selecting the “Inspect” option, players can access detailed information about the skin, including its float value that is displayed under the ‘Wear Rating’ parameter.

How to check CS2 float value in-game

Additionally, there are specialized websites and services that provide comprehensive databases of CS2 skins, allowing players to search for skins based on their float values and compare prices. These tools can be valuable resources for traders and collectors looking to make informed decisions.

The Impact of CS2 Float on Trading and Collecting

CS2 float values have a significant impact on the trading and collecting aspects of the game. Skins with lower float values are generally more desirable and can fetch higher prices in the trading market. Collectors often seek out skins with specific float values to complete their collections or showcase rare and visually appealing skins.

Moreover, the float value of a skin can also be influenced by external factors such as professional players or influencers using specific skins in tournaments or streaming sessions. This can create a surge in demand for those skins, regardless of their wear level, driving up their prices in the market.


CS2 float values are a crucial aspect of the game that determines the condition and appearance of skins. Understanding the mechanics of CS2 float is essential for collectors, traders, and players looking to personalize their gaming experience. By considering the wear levels and float values of skins, players can make informed decisions when trading or collecting CS2 skins. Whether aiming for the pristine condition of Factory New skins or embracing the battle-worn aesthetics of Battle-Scarred skins, CS2 float values add depth and value to the world of cosmetic customization within the game.