Free CS2 Skins Sites in 2024

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How to get a free CS2 skins

Aside from using the free CS2 skins sites mentioned above, there are a few different ways to get free CS2 skins. The most common method is to get case and skin drops via the newly introduced weekly care package system.

Another way to get better CS2 skins is to flip skins. Flipping skins is the process of buying skins for a low price and then selling them for a higher price. This can be a risky method, and requires a bit of initial investment but it is possible to make a lot of money if you are good at it.

Finally, you can also get better CS2 skins by trading with other players. Trading can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is possible to find good deals on knives if you are patient.

CS2 Weekly Care Package: Everything You Need to Know

The weekly care package is a new feature in CS2 that allows players to earn exclusive rewards by playing the game. To earn a weekly care package, players must have an account with the Prime status, simply play the game and earn XP. Players can earn one care package a week for levelling up their XP rank.

  1. Play the game and earn XP. You can earn XP in any official online game mode – community servers and private matchmaking don’t count.
  2. Check your progress towards earning a weekly care package by opening your profile or going to the Store tab.
  3. Once you have earned enough XP and level up, you either receive a pop-up notifying you about it, or you can head to the ‘Store’ tab.
  4. Choose two rewards from a selection of cases, random items, and graffiti and click on ‘Claim Rewards’.

What Rewards Can I Get from a Weekly Care Package?

The rewards you can get from a weekly care package are, as far as we know, random. However, all weekly care packages contain at least one weapon case and a random selection of weapon skins from the map collections or a graffiti.

The CS2 weapon case that can drop from the weekly care package will either be:

  • Active drop pool case – this pool usually includes the most recently released cases and currently consist of Fracture, Snakebite, Dreams & Nightmares, Recoil and Revolution cases.
  • Rare drop pool case – these cases were released years ago or previously exclusive to operation pass holders and drop very infrequently. Some players receive a ‘rare’ case drop only once a year, with a 1% chance based on collected data.

How to profit from CS2 weekly care package

The easiest way to profit from the drops you receive from weekly care packages is to directly sell them on Steam marketplace or third-party marketplaces. Alternatively if you are patient, you can save up a few weeks worth of drops and trade them for more expensive CS2 items on one of the trading sites.