Massive CS2 Update – New case, new knife, no anti-cheat

After a long time of waiting, Valve has delivered a massive CS2 update featuring some expected and some not so expected features and content. On the other hand, it still leaves the enjoyers of cl_bob and left-hand players yearning for their desired commands, as well as there being no mention of an anti-cheat.

New Content:

  • Kilowatt Case: A new CS2 case featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, including a Zeus skin and the all-new Kukri knife.
  • Ambush Sticker Capsule: 21 community-created stickers to personalize your gear.
  • Arms Race: The chaotic weapon progression mode returns. Reach the final knife stage and earn the final kill to secure the win.
  • NIGHTMODE Music Kit Box: Six new music kits to soundtrack your battles.
  • Custom Sticker Placement: Express yourself with more freedom! Drag and drop stickers to anywhere on your weapons, and even rotate them. All weapons now support up to five stickers.

Gameplay Updates:

  • XP Overload: Earn all your normal weekly XP and show off your dedication with a special icon.
  • The Agony of Defeat: Agents now express defeat with unique animations.
  • Smokes: Improved visuals and casting shadows.
  • Zeus: Now reusable in all game modes, supports stickers and name tags, and has a faster recharge.
  • Silencers: Always reattachable, regardless of settings.
  • Sound: New options for VOIP, microphone control, and sound effects.
  • Networking: Reduced peeker’s advantage in many cases.
  • UI: Separate background map settings for main menu and item inspect.
  • Maps: Fixes and adjustments for Inferno, Ancient, Anubis, Overpass, Mirage, Nuke, Vertigo, and Italy.

And much more!

Check out the full release notes for all the details here!