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Hellcase Promo Code & Review in 2024

When it comes to online gambling, particularly in case of CS:GO case opening sites, it’s crucial to research a platform’s legitimacy before diving in. In this comprehensive Hellcase review, we’ll examine whether Hellcase is legit or if there’s any reason to suspect that Hellcase is a scam. We’ll explore the site’s features, security measures, user experiences, and more to determine if Hellcase is a trustworthy and safe platform for case opening.

Additional free credits
Additional 10% deposit bonus

  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Variety cases, promotions and giveaways
  • Free cases, loyalty and welcome bonuses
  • Simple and intuitive website
  • Quite high house edge
  • Controversial reputation
  • Games:Case opening, Case battles, Contract
  • Deposit Methods:Credit Cards, ZEN, Crypto G2A Pay, Neosurf, Skins (CS2, Dota 2, Rust), WeChat,
  • Withdrawal Methods:Skins (CS2, Dota 2, Rust)
  • Promo Code:skinpit

How to Claim a Hellcase Promo Code

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to claim a promo code on Hellcase:

  1. Go to Hellcase.com and sign in through Steam.
  2. In the top right corner next to your profile picture, click on the button called “Promocode”.
  3. A small window will open where you can enter your promo code.
  4. Enter the promo code skinpit in the box and click the green “APPLY” button.
  5. After applying the code, it should show “+10%” next to the “REFILL” button, indicating that your deposit bonus is now active.
  6. Make a deposit to receive the bonus credits. For example, if you deposit $100, you will get $110 to use on the site thanks to the 10% bonus.
  7. Start opening cases and enjoy your extra bonus credits!
How to use a Hellcase promo code

What is Hellcase

Hellcase is a popular CS:GO case opening site that has been operating since 2016. The platform offers a wide variety of cases and skins for users to unlock, providing an exciting and engaging experience for gaming enthusiasts. In addition to CS:GO, Hellcase also supports case openings for other games like Dota 2 and Rust. Hellcase.com has an estimated average 2.3 million monthly visits, with the top traffic countries being Poland, Sweden and Turkey and at the time of this review, the average concurrent number of users on the site moved around 6,500.

Hellcase Main Page

Is Hellcase Legit?

Although Hellcase lacks an official gambling license, based on our experience and tests, we still consider it to be a legitimate case opening platform due to its long-standing operation, provably fair system, and generally positive user experiences. The absence of a gambling license does raise some concerns about its regulatory compliance and legal status.

Ultimately, the legitimacy of Hellcase appears to be subjective, with some users prioritizing its established reputation and fair gaming practices, while others may be more hesitant due to the lack of proper licensing. As with any online gambling platform, users should exercise caution and thoroughly research before engaging with Hellcase or similar sites.

Hellcase Games

Case Openings

The primary offering on Hellcase is its case opening system. Users can purchase virtual cases containing random weapon skins and items for CS2 / CS:GO, Dota 2, and Rust. Key features of the case opening experience include:

  • Wide variety of cases at different price points based on the rarity of potential contents. Some cases cost just a few cents while limited edition cases can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Instant case opening to reveal the randomly awarded skin or item.
  • Skins range from common ones valued at a few dollars to rare skins and patterns potentially worth hundreds or thousands.
  • The element of surprise and rarity drives the addictive nature of the case opening gameplay.
Hellcase cases available in the case opening game


In addition to case openings, Hellcase offers an “Upgrades” game mode that allows users to trade up their existing skins for a chance at higher-value items.

  • Players can bet their lower-tier skins for a percentage chance to upgrade to a more valuable skin.
  • This provides an engaging way for users to turn their less desirable skins into premium ones.

Case Battles

Hellcase also features a “Case Battles” game where players can compete against each other to open cases and win skins.

  • In Case Battles, players purchase cases and go head-to-head opening them simultaneously.
  • The player whose case contains the highest value item is awarded all the skins from both cases.
  • This creates an exciting PvP experience compared to the standard solo case opening mode.
Case battles mini-game on Hellcase

Hellcase Bonuses and Promotions

Hellcase offers several bonuses and promotions:

  1. Promo Codes:
    • Users can enter referral codes to receive free bonus funds and deposit bonuses.
    • The current promo code skinpit offers a 10% deposit bonus and additional free credit.
  2. Daily Free Bonuses:
    • Hellcase offers daily free bonuses to users, which can include free CS:GO cases, skins, or account balance.
    • Users are encouraged to visit the site regularly to claim their daily free bonus.
  3. Giveaways:
    • Hellcase regularly hosts giveaways where users can win valuable CS2 / CS:GO skins and items.
    • Some giveaways are exclusive to Hellcase Premium members and can have prizes worth up to $1,000.
  4. Hellcase Premium Subscription:
    • Hellcase offers a premium subscription service with three tiers: Silver ($5/month), Gold ($15/month), and Diamond ($25/month).
    • Premium users receive benefits such as access to exclusive daily free cases, premium-only giveaways, priority support, and higher odds in premium cases

Hellcase Payment Methods

Hellcase provides a wide range of payment options to cater to users from different countries and preferences, including traditional methods as well as alternative options such as G2A Pay, Neosurf, GPay and more:

  1. Credit Cards: Users can make payments using their credit cards.
  2. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, XRP, TRX, DOGE and more
  3. G2A Pay: Users can fund their accounts using G2A Pay, a global online payment gateway.
  4. Neosurf: Neosurf, a prepaid card payment system, is accepted on Hellcase.
  5. GPay: Hellcase supports payments through GPay, likely referring to Google Pay.
  6. Skins and Other In-Game Items: Users can also fund their accounts using CS2, Dota 2, Rust skins and other in-game items.
  7. Hellcase Wallet Code: Users can purchase Hellcase Wallet Codes from third-party retailers like OffGamers and redeem them on the Hellcase website to add funds to their account balance.
  8. WeChat Payment: For users who encounter issues with their primary payment method, Hellcase suggests using a friend’s or relative’s WeChat account to make the payment, indicating support for WeChat Pay.
  9. Other payment services depending on your location

Hellcase’s Security Measures

When it comes to online transactions and personal information, security is paramount. Hellcase takes this seriously by implementing various measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for its users:

  1. SSL encryption for secure data transmission
  2. Secure payment processing through trusted providers
  3. Provably fair case opening system for transparency
  4. Two-factor authentication (2FA) for account protection
  5. Login alerts to detect unauthorized access attempts

Hellcase Giveaways

Hellcase regularly hosts giveaways through the Gleam platform, which allows users to enter by completing various tasks.

  • Gleam giveaways are free to enter and offer the chance to win valuable CS:GO skins and items.
  • To participate, users need to have a verified Hellcase account and complete entry steps such as following Hellcase on social media, subscribing to their YouTube channel, or joining their Steam group.
  • The more entry steps completed, the more tickets a user receives, and the higher the chances of winning.
  • Winners are randomly selected by Gleam and announced on the Hellcase website and social media channels.

Flash giveaways

In addition to Gleam, Hellcase also conducts regular, smaller CS:GO skins giveaways directly on their platform.

  • These giveaways are open to all registered Hellcase users and typically only require users to refill their balance or have no requirements at all.
  • Prizes usually include lower to medium prices individual items.

User giveaways

Hellcase also allows their users to create their own giveaways by simply navigating to the ‘User giveaways’ section. User can then select one or multiple skins they want to give away, set the giveaway name, end date, customize the look of it and add entry requirements like:

  • Use of a special code to refill balance
  • Watching a YouTube video or visiting a Twtich channel
  • Buying a specific case
  • Sharing the giveaway on X (formerly Twitter), VK, Facebook
  • and more…

Other Hellcase users can then access this giveaway and after completing the requirements, they have a chance to win said skins!

User created giveaways in the 'user giveaway' section at Hellcase

Hellcase Alternatives

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