Best CS2 Anime Skins for your Weeb Loadout

While Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) offers a wide range of unique skins and patterns, it’s fairly lacking in terms of anime and Japanese-oriented ones. Although some may argue about the practicality of having an anime character on your firearm in Counter-Strike, the undeniable popularity of anime has made these skins highly sought after. So, without further ado, we proudly present our exclusive collection of CS2 skins that beautifully blend the allure of anime and the mystique of the orient.

M4A4 Temukau – Top Anime M4A4 Skin

The Temukau is a Covert rarity skin for the M4A4 and without a doubt one of the most popular CS2 anime skins. It was introduced in February 2023 as part of the Revolution Case update. The skin, created by the community skin designer f0rnez, features a custom paint job in the style of Japanese anime, depicting a cute CT agent fighting against a T-side rush. The skin is extremely popular and liquid, with a 99% popularity rating based on daily sales volume and price. The skin is available in all exteriors, with a float value ranging from 0.00 to 0.80. It has a “Custom Paint Job” finish style, with the Temukau finish, painted in a color scheme of white, blue and pink. The price for this skin starts around $6 for the Battle-scarred version and can climb up to around $250 for the StatTrak Factory New ones.

CS2 Anime Skin M4A4 Temukau

Desert Eagle Fennec Fox

The Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox is a rare and expensive Japanese inspired deagle skin in the game CS2. It was introduced during the Operation Riptide in September 2021, as part of the 2021 Mirage Collection. The skin can be obtained by opening one of the four Mirage Souvenir packagers that contain it and has a rarity of Classified with an estimated drop chance of only 3.2%. It has been custom painted with a fennec fox resembling a mythical Japanese fox on the barrel and features teal and orange designs on the grip. The skin is available in all exteriors and has a float value ranging from 0.00 to 0.80. Despite its rarity and high price, the skin is currently widely available and can be purchased on multiple different markets anywhere from $108 to $407, depending on its float.

CS2 Anime Skin Deagle Fennec Fox

MAC-10 Sakkaku

The award for best anime MAC-10 definitely takes the Sakkaku, a red themed design featuring the face of an anime girl with bright red, emissive eyes. It was created by the designer called Anbu and is part of the Revolution Case, together with the previously mentioned M4A4 Temukau. The rarity of the skin is Restricted, with an estimated drop chance of 15.98%. The MAC-10 | Sakkaku is widely available and can be purchased on multiple different markets for a price range between $0.15 and $2.23. The skin is available in Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred versions, and there also exists a StatTrak version for each exterior.

CS2 Anime Skin MAC-10 Sakkaku

MP9 Mount Fuji

The MP9 | Mount Fuji, one of our favorites on this list, is a popular and affordable skin for the MP9 SMG in the game Counter-Strike 2. It features an acrylic painting of Mount Fuji at dawn, with a red sun rising and has a color palette of pastel blue and pink. This Restricted skin was first introduced in September 2021 as part of the Operation Riptide Case. It is available in all wears, although float capped at 0.55 and has a StatTrak version. The price ranges anywhere between $1.60 to $14.75, with the non-StatTrak Factory New version being only $5.70, making it an amazing, bugdet Japanese themed addition to your weeb loadout.

CS2 Japanese Skin MP9 Mount Fuji

AWP Oni Taiji

The AWP | Oni Taiji is a highly sought-after sniper skin in CS2, known for its striking red and blue color scheme and intricate samurai and Oni (Japanese demon) imagery. It was introduced to CS:GO six years ago as part of the Operation Hydra Case and is part of the Covert rarity grade, making it a super rare drop with an estimated drop chance of only 0.64%. The skin is available in all exteriors, and there is also a StatTrak version for each exterior. The price of this anime themed skin can crawl all the way up to $786 for the StatTrak Factory New version.

CS2 Anime Skin AWP Oni Taiji

AK-47 Bloodsport

Unfortunately, the CS2 AK-47 has not received much love in terms of anime or Japanese themed skins. If you are looking to fill the void in your AK-47 slots though, the AK-47 Bloodsport is the next best thing. It is a highly popular rifle skin with a distinctive red, black, and white color scheme, featuring white logo decals and a Japanese writing over a red and black hydrographic. This, combined with some nice anime stickers can make up for CS2’s lack of anime AK 47 skins. The skin was added in 2017 and as a part of the Spectrum case, it’s available in all conditions except Battle-Scarred – its float value ranges from 0.00 to 0.45. The quality of this skin is Covert, and it has a StatTrak option. You can also find the Bloodsport finish on the MP7 and SCAR-20, in case you’d like to have a complete collection.

CS2 Japanese Skin AK-47 Bloodsport

Galil AR Crimson Tsunami

The Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami is a less expensive option among the terrorist-exclusive assault rifles, suitable for medium to long-range combat. It can also be obtained by opening a Spectrum Case container, similar to the AK-47 Bloodsport. The skin is available in all exteriors, with a float value ranging from 0.00 to 0.55, and there is a StatTrak version for each exterior. The design by Chemical Alia features a wave that resembles the Japanese The Great Wave off Kanagawa, the primary color of the skin is composed of a brown tint, and its look is affected by its pattern index.

CS2 Japanese Skin Galil AR Crimson Tsunami

AUG Akihabara Accept

A CS2 anime skins list wouldn’t be complete without the one and only, extremely expensive, oldest and most famous out of all anime skins – AUG Akihabara Accept. The skin is part of the Rising Sun Collection that released in 2015 and has a white and blue background, with a design inspired by the Akihabara district in Tokyo, known for its electronics and anime culture. If you are even thinking about picking one of these up, you’re looking at spending at least $250 for the worst, battle-scarred version, all the way to almost $4,000 for a clean, Factory new variant. The only other option of acquiring an AUG Akihabara Accept at this point is to trade up to it – this will require you to burn at least one AK-47 Hydroponic, setting you back around $1,440 for a 10% chance of success.

CS2 Anime Skin AUG Akihabara Accept

This pretty much wraps up our list of best CS2 skins that have anime or Japanese features, that is, until Valve decides to release a new CS2 case or operation that contains Hopefully you were able to find at least one skin that interested you and expand your anime themed arsenal of CS2 skins. If you would like to pick any of these up, make sure to check out our list of the best CS2 trading sites.